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Event Photography.

David Higgs PhotographyEvents, Event Photography.

David Higgs Photography Events. The gallery shows a selection of  our Event photography. Events are great fun but as time passes memories fade. It is allways good to have a memento of the occasion. The best memento is a photograph.As event photographers  we are here to help. Whether it was the dress you wore, the company you kept, or the  event itself a photo is a wonderful reminder. Here!


60th. Birthday Party Blackheath,London

Good to see you girls,let's have a drink to celebrate.

Catch That Balloon.

Two boys (father and son) and a balloon,balloons are fun.

A Pretty Bride.

Colour wedding photo of a bride with a big smile as she enjoys her big day.

Event Photography, Wedding, Surrey

Two smiling wedding guests arrive carrying their posh shoes.

Look at My Shoes.

Bride showing off her pretty shoes and bouquet.

Hello Glad You Could Come to My Party

Congratulations! Guest of honour and friend at engagement party.

Enjoying a Drink at the Party.

Black and white photo of two very happy looking guests at an engagement party.

As it's party time and everyone is having fun it's time to get out the camera because all those memories need to be saved. There is nothing like a photo for that.

As event photographers we are happy to be there and save the memories for ever...

It is a joy to attend and take the photographs at your event whatever the moment. Engagement or birthday parties.Corporate or club events and presentations. Charity and black tie events. Lunch and dinner. We love them all.

Looking forward to being at your events and saving your happy memories and watching you having fun. We are able to take photos or video events. So are happy to provide either or both for any occasion and event. So if you would like more information and require any assistance in planning the event, please don't hesitate to contact us. . Here.