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Portrait Photography.

David Higgs PhotographyPortraits, Portraits Photography.

Portrait photos shown here are mostly but not all personal work taken for fun. The subjects are people I know or have worked with. They have given up their time so thank you to them.

The other photos have been taken at various events and in the studio as parts of jobs. If you need any more information about portrait photography please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page. Here!




Janaina with a very natural smile in a low key portrait

Susie Artboard 1

Two photos of a woman in two different poses on acopper tinted artboard.

Luciana, Formal Portrait.

Luciana in a formal Black evening dress.


Fashion style portrait with rich colour treatment.

Susie Artboard-2

Head and shoulder and half length portraits of Susie on a blue tinted artboard.

Mum and Daughter Portrait.

Sepia toned black and white portrait of a mum and her young daughter.

Sanel Artboard 1

Two low saturation portraits pastel coloured backgrounds.


Young couple, photo taken as part of a composite photo.


Luciana in a formal Black evening dress.


This black and white portrait of Susie was lit with low key lighting.

Vanessa Artboard 1

Low key portraits of Gemma mounted on a dak background artboard.


Portrait with rich colour treatment.

Sarah and Kiran photographed against a contrasting black and white background.

Luciana outdoor portrait taken in London on a fine Summers day.

Janaina, Low Key.

A dark low key smokey effect image of a lady.

Luciana Artboard 2

Three photos of Luciana on a blue gradient background.

The studio portraits on show here are a mixture of styles. Some would be described as Low Key, dark backgrounds and moody lighting. The others are High Key, light backgrounds and bright lighting. I find that the High Key style tends to suit children better and Low Key is always best for Fine Art photography but there are no rules and it is always a matter of taste.

A few years ago everyone seemed to want high key portrait photos, for family portraits, today fine art is becoming much more popular. Fine Art portrait photos are mostly taken in the low key style because the photographer has more control over the look of the photo. Happy to hear from you contact us here.

When looking at portrait photos always remember they are of strangers. The photos will look much better to you when it's you in them also anything goes as long as you like it. High key, low key, surreal or abstract if it suits, go for it!!!  Happy to hear from you contact us here. Here.